LEP is the language for long-term care

LEP offers numerous advantages for nursing documentation in geriatric and long-term care. The new options ensure a secure connection between LEP Nursing 3 and the recognised tariff instruments. LEP can also be used to map the nursing effort in nursing care minutes. This provides a quick and efficient overview of the resident’s need for care. The care process can be customised to the needs of a facility. And by defining nursing care interventions, miscommunications in a diverse care team can be prevented.

More options, less effort

LEP has links to various care assessments and ensures reliable electronic documentation. The multiple use of the recorded data represents tangible added value for long-term care facilities. The clearly structured and standardised documentation can significantly reduce the amount of documentation required. Finally, this frees up more time for the residents.

Your benefits with LEP
  • LEP control processes

  • Use data effectively with LEP

  • LEP is versatile

  • LEP is practical

  • LEP can be networked at the global level

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