FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a Health Level Seven International (HL7) standard aimed at simplifying and modernising the exchange of data between software systems in the healthcare industry.

LEP AG has discussed a wide range of potential applications for FHIR standardisation of LEP, and has identified the following two applications as particularly important:

Use case 1: Providing LEP classifications for use in various software applications

Use case 2: Transferring data from the primary system/e-patient documentation to “statistical tools/LEP analytics”, see Fig. 1

Implementation guidelines for both use cases were developed over the past two years.

In a subsequent phase, the applicability of these guidelines will be verified in an implementation project. Two interested software company partners have already expressed their willingness to test the implementation of LEP with FHIR in a pilot project, with the goal of then applying it in real implementations in healthcare organisations.

For more information about HL7FHIR, visit hl7.org/fhir or Hl7’s country specific websites (hl7.de, hl7.ch, hl7.at).

Any healthcare organisations or software companies interested in working with LEP on a potential pilot project can contact our project manager Martin Studer.



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