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For more than a quarter of a century, LEP has proven itself in practice and enables efficient patient documentation and service documentation as well as detailed assessments in the healthcare sector. The driving force behind this success is a strong team. The interdisciplinary cooperation of experts from different areas ensures the high quality and continuous development of LEP.

In addition to the core team, the Executive Board and the Board of Directors, a high-calibre board of experts is also integrated into the organisation. As a result, LEP is even more closely interlinked with research, teaching and practice, which enables a seamless transfer of knowledge and constantly guarantees fresh momentum.

Our vision

We are the leading organisation in Switzerland, Germany and Austria in the field of classification systems and their associated links for structured, standardised documentation and assessments of services in the healthcare sector.

Both internal and external cooperation are characterised by mutual trust, team focus and a high degree of mutual appreciation and respect. Our actions are consistent with our values.

Our mission statement

We are the leading organisation in Switzerland, Germany and Austria in the field of intervention classifications and their associated links for process-orientated documentation and the automated capture and assessment of services in the healthcare sector. By way of the structured interventions and services, which are documented using standardised terminology, specialists are provided support in their daily work, contributing to professionalisation. Secondary processes are accorded targeted key performance indicators to support corporate management by way of performance transparency, comparability and financing.

The quality and sustainability of our products are especially important to us. The LEP team and the LEP management are consistently concerned with identifying trends, as well as with innovation, these being assimilated in developments. Existing products are scientifically reviewed, improved and consolidated.

The competencies of the LEP team forms the basis for sound, professional support of ongoing projects for the introduction and utilisation of our products in the various settings of healthcare institutions. Customers experience our needs-based, individual support and service, customised and tailored to their requirements. We cultivate a sustainable relationship with our customers and are true to our word.

We cater to core processes independently. At the same time, we cultivate intensive contact and interaction with our partnering companies and assimilate them in the development trajectory in a timely manner. However, we are also an independent company engaged within the market on a long-term basis, and we make decisions independently.

Motivated and well trained employees constitute the basis of our success and are accordingly included in the company’s decision-making. We actively promote and support our employees to assist in their further progression. We pay attention to a good work-life balance and ensure its implementation with targeted resource planning, flexible working hours and market-aligned financial compensation.

We work together with a high degree of trust, appreciation and respect, and consider ourselves to be a team. Our actions are consistent with our values.

Our LEP team

Get to know us! Our teams in Switzerland, Germany and Austria are here for you.

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Your career

Would you like to contribute to the language of digitalisation in the healthcare sector? Do you have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector and want to get involved in the further development of patient and service documentation? Then LEP is the right address for you!

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LEP also has a presence in Germany and Austria, in addition to its headquarters in St.Gallen/Switzerland –  and therefore close to the companies and users.

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Your benefits with LEP
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  • Use data effectively with LEP

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  • LEP is practical

  • LEP can be networked at the global level

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