LEP is the language for outpatient care

It is also a steadily growing challenge in outpatient care to ensure a high quality of care and support in the face of deadline pressure and scarce resources. Consistently high data quality is ensured because LEP’s digital solution allows all inpatient and outpatient service providers to map their actions in a standardised form.

Easy to understand and customisable

LEP supports communication within the care and support team during busy work days. The simple and structured language of LEP helps healthcare professionals to understand care interventions, even if German is not their native language. LEP allows care planning to be customised to the individual client through the option of detailing. Unique features and specific needs can be mapped in detail without having to forego structured service documentation.

Your benefits with LEP
  • LEP control processes

  • Use data effectively with LEP

  • LEP is versatile

  • LEP is practical

  • LEP can be networked at the global level

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