LEP: Strong partners speak the same language

For over 25 years, LEP has enabled efficient service and patient documentation as well as representative service analyses in the healthcare sector. The fact that LEP has established itself as a sophisticated solution and language of digitalisation is in large part due to the cooperation with reliable partners. In the network LEP can evolve, can be used and will be continuously developed further. 

Our partners

Software partner

LEP is based on an open and modular design and can therefore be integrated into numerous software systems. Our software partners ensure tested integration and guarantee that LEP can be used in a variety of eHealth applications.

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Classification partner

LEP can be linked with many other modules from the healthcare sector. Our licensed classification partners help to ensure that nursing assessments, nursing diagnoses and nursing goals can be documented and analysed transparently.

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LEP is connected with numerous institutions and associations from all areas of healthcare services. Together, we drive digitalisation in the healthcare sector.

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Experienced and dedicated specialists work together at LEP. Together, we incorporate our expertise into our products and solutions and communicate our values and goals to the outside world.



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