LEP: Intervention catalogue for the healthcare sector

The LEP classification systems enable structured, standardised and interdisciplinary documentation of healthcare services as well as versatile assessments and analyses. Whether in care documentation, for detailed analyses or the evaluation of treatment processes, whether for physiotherapy, midwifery or social services: LEP creates noticeable added value with the intervention catalogues, strengthens cooperation between the individual professional groups and increases quality at all levels. Additionally, new catalogues are continuously developed for further professional groups in the healthcare sector.

Your benefits with LEP intervention catalogues

  • Managing processes with LEP

    With LEP, clinical data such as patient documentation is documented one time at the point of care. Documentation can then be utilised multiple times and by different user groups. Automated service documentation means that duplicate entries can be avoided, if possible.

  • Utilise data effectively with LEP

    As a communication tool, LEP opens diverse options specific to analysis, prognosis and benchmarking. Process data on governance, in-facility planning and cost accounting can be evaluated by way of key figures, applying various levels of detailing. With LEP intervention catalogues, managers and employees maintain an overview, enable an objective data comparison due to standard evaluations and ensure cost and performance transparency.

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  • LEP is versatile

    LEP has a modular structure and is optimally aligned with facility-specific structures. LEP intervention catalogues can be integrated into existing hospital information system environments. Links with assessments or classification systems such as diagnoses or outcomes can also be implemented.

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  • LEP is practical

    LEP is developed and continuously optimised and updated in close cooperation with healthcare professionals and scientists. This means that LEP is firmly anchored in practical work: Formulations are close to the language used by healthcare professionals; their needs and requirements are of primary importance. The combination of scientific expertise and outstanding practicality ensures the high level of acceptance of LEP among users.

  • LEP effects networking at the global level

    LEP is used in around 1'000 hospitals, psychiatric clinics, rehabilitation clinics and other healthcare sector facilities in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Luxembourg. The versatile solution considers the Systematised Nomenclature of Medicine (SNOMED CT), the International Classification of Nursing Practice (ICNP) and the International System of Classification of Occupations (ISCO). LEP is structured according to ISO-Norm 18104 2014 and is currently available in German French, Italian and English.

LEP fields of application


Efficient and consistent treatment processes are essential in acute hospitals and other clinics. LEP documentation creates a reliable framework for recording, mapping and analysing data. The specific intervention catalogue can be seamlessly integrated into existing hospital information system environments.

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Long-term care

LEP offers customised options for documentation to long-term care institutions. Not only is the recorded data versatile, but the individualised care process and resulting increase in efficiency also leaves more time to care for residents or patients.

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Outpatient care

Communication and transparency between healthcare professionals, family caregivers and those in need of care are essential in outpatient care. LEP supports planning of nursing interventions, continuous care and brings stability in the fulfilment of the needs of people in need of care at home.

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