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If you decide to introduce LEP to optimise your care and treatment processes, it is essential to adapt the solution precisely to the structures and organisational processes of your company and to implement it in the existing hospital information system environment. The expert advice, support and competent evaluation provided by LEP is an essential aspect of the introduction and utilisation of our products in the various areas of the healthcare sector. As part of our customised services, we maintain a trusting and lasting relationship with our customers.

Our services

Project introduction

We advise companies on the content and technical aspects of the introduction. Together we plan the first project steps and define the scope and content of the support. It is important to convey theoretical expertise and the subsequent practical application.

Main topics

  • Implementation and practical application of LEP
  • Coordination and definition of requirements
  • LEP data management in the organisation’s systems
  • Relationships between analytics, classifications and the treatment process
  • Patient documentation, service documentation, time recording
  • Planning and implementing LEP analytics: Statistics, data collection, analytics and interpretation

Care and treatment process

The future healthcare organisation becomes familiar with the LEP treatment and care process. This includes the correct application, the recording of documentation, the interpretation of service documentation and time recording as well as LEP analyses. Occupation-specific process steps are accompanied in a targeted manner.

Possible content

  • Classification system
  • Service documentation
  • Operation, research and & timeline variables
  • LEP default time values
  • Detailing of provisions and interventions in the documentation
  • Link to treatment process

LEP analytics

Service documentation and time recording should be integrated into the operational processes and harmonised with the desired evaluations. The focus is on data comparisons and standard analyses.

Possible content

  • Identifying/defining the goals of analytics
  • Fine-tuning to align with electronic patient documentation and service and time recording
  • Data collection from patient documentation, service documentation and time recording as well as combinations thereof; weighting and allocation key
  • Data analysis, e.g. explanatory variables, target variables, solution selection, aggregation, scatter plot, tables and graphs
  • Results and interpretation, e.g. anomalies, outliers, feedback and reporting

Special analyses and individual questions

LEP supports each company individually. With the support of our experts, we can advise you on specific issues. As part of an ongoing collaboration, we support you for the long term, not just for further developments and new releases.

Possible content

  • Linking patient documentation with knowledge management
  • Determination of action-related quality indicators
  • Fine-tuning between in-house assessments or organisation systems with LEP as part of the treatment processes
  • Job satisfaction of staff in the context of occupational health management
  • Absence management

Your contact at LEP

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