New version: LEPmatrix 1.3.0

Individual LEP classifications of services, including the most widely-known Nursing 3 classification as well as those for Midwives and Social Services, are made available to LEP AG’s software company partners in a combined table. The structure contained in this table is called LEPmatrix. Two advantages of this arrangement are that it provides a uniform structure, and that LEP classifications can be selected in a modular manner and activated in a software tool as appropriate for each healthcare organisation’s needs. From another perspective, the LEPmatrix can be viewed as a master catalogue and its individual components as sub-catalogues, e.g. LEP Nursing 3 (Table 1).

LEPmatrix and all of its sub-catalogues are available in German (DE), English (EN), French (FR) and Italian (IT) language versions. The versions labelled “Beta”, e.g. for LEP Occupational Therapy or LEP Nutrition Counselling (Table 1), have not yet been systematically employed and reviewed in practice. We are therefore seeking healthcare organisations and software providers as project partners to help develop the final versions of these sub-catalogues. In addition, the “Imaging Processes” and “Laboratory” sub-catalogues contain only services without case assignment.

To provide an overview and to support conceptual understanding and knowledge acquisition, detailed reports about both LEPmatrix and its individual sub-catalogues are also made available. These include version comparisons indicating which elements in the current version are “unchanged”, “changed”, “deactivated” or “new” with respect to a prior version. Compared to version 3.4.1, for example, LEP Nursing 3.5.0 contains 14 new interventions with case assignment, including “Providing symptom management advice” and “Bouginage”.

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