Identifying default time values for LEP nursing interventions

Nursing interventions in LEP Nursing 3 are associated with default time values, e.g. 7 minutes for the LEP intervention “Performing lateral positioning”. A default time value is a standard time value specified for recording the time spent on an intervention, and can be changed. To update these default time values based on large data sets for the LEP release, a study was conducted in 2022 with the voluntary participation of 20 healthcare organisations in Germany and Switzerland.
After inclusion criteria were applied, the data contained a total of 62.2 million documented time values for 516 different LEP interventions. In total, default time values could be determined for 515 LEP interventions from Nursing version 3.4.1, i.e. 89.6% of the 575 total interventions. In these 20 hospitals, 60 LEP interventions from version 3.4.1 were either never performed (12 interventions) or fewer than 30 times (48 interventions) https://pub-771294e581bb4920af8976caa191a5dc.r2.dev/asset/downloads/literatur/downloads_literatur_studien/en_lep-study-reports/report-on-the-study-identifying-default-time-values-for-lep-nursing-interventions-.pdf.

The default time values thus determined were systematically incorporated into the current version, LEP Nursing 3.5.0. The default values are reviewed at least every three years as part of the LEP release management process.



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