LEP standard analyses

A new edition of the LEP standard assessments is planned for the spring of 2024. The most important updates in the upcoming version 1.3.0 of the LEP standard assessments are:

·       New data fields in the data export on LEP individual services, relating to: (i) representation of group services, i.e. situations in which a nurse simultaneously cares for multiple patients or multiple nurses simultaneously care for the same patient; (ii) indication of who documented the service and when; and (iii) documentation of the type of service provider, e.g. nurse or family member

·       Two new data exports on (i) the so-called “otherwise specified services” (i.e. the catch-all category for services not included in the LEP classification) and (ii) services without case assignment

The new version 1.3.0 maintains the same structure as the current version 1.2.2, and is therefore only an extension. Please feel free to contact info@lep.ch with any questions.



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