Mapping documents: LEP Nursing – CHOP 99.C and BB.1, 2023 version

As is done every year, the mapping of LEP interventions from all versions of LEP Nursing 3 to CHOP 99.C and CHOP BB.1 was updated as part of the LEP release management process.


The current documents are located here:



For a better understanding of the mapping table, please refer to the Readme file in the download area of our home page.



Because the BFS (Swiss Federal Statistical Office) provides no definition for “continuous” provision of services, interpretations of the related measurement method are inconsistent and cannot form the basis for robust data. After thorough clinical, professional and technical discussions, the expert group therefore decided not to issue any recommendation, so that each healthcare organisation can make its own decision.

For more information, please see the BFS Newsletter for Coders 2023 no. 1.


For content-related questions and suggestions about the mapping, please contact Claudia Reidlinger; for software questions, contact Martin Studer.



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